Mexico City

surpisingly different

Mexico´s capital is incredibly rich in art, history and culture. The city is trendy and has more museums than any other city in the world. Another unexpected fact: there are gigantic green areas and the sidewalks are beautifully planted.

Favourite places

Trendy Roma Norte and Condesa

Roma Norte

This district has it all: great cafés, bars and restaurants, boutiques, galleries, creative residents and a lot of green spaces. Be sure to walk along the streets of Jalapa, Avenida Alvaro Obregón and Colima. There are many European bakeries and delicious Mexican street food stalls.


This is a very bohemian district, a mix of the young rich, writers and nighthawks. Condesa is cool, green, quiet and full of fashion boutiques and cafés.

Museo Soumaya

A Must-See

This museum is not only stunning in architecture, it also hosts a large private collection of over 66,000 pieces of art including several stand-out pieces from European old and modern masters.

San Angel

San Angel

On a Saturday morning

Go to visit the large art market around Plaza del Jacinto. 



A quiet district
During the time of Frida Kahlo this district was like a village in the big city. This laid-back atmosphere continues till today. Hang out at one of the numerous cafés around Plaza Hidalgo or just stroll through the streets.
Museo Frida Kahlo

Museo Frida Kahlo

Casa Azul

Taxco and Tepotzlán

Pueblos Magicós

It only takes one word to describe the landscape around the megacity: magical! Six of the many „Pueblos Magicós“ in the country are in direct vicinity.

Taxco – the white village. Taxco was once rich in silver mines. Today silver jewelry shops can be found at every corner of this little crooked mountain village. From Mexico City (Tasqueña) one way 2,5 hours.

Tepoztlán. Highlight: Climbing Tepozteco – exhausting upclimb of 1.5 hours (stairs) but the view on the valley is terrific. Try Mexican specialities at the Mercado Municipal. The bus from / to Mexico City (Tasqueña) only takes about 1 hour.

2013 elected as "the most beautiful city in the world"

San Miguel de Allende

The lights, the colours of the facades and the many small narrow streets immediately fascinated me. San Miguel de Allende is the perfect place to relax while being in a city. The town is located 3.5 hours north of Mexico City.